• Rail Threaders

    All Model Rail Threader Attachments. Used to lay railroad rail.

  • Solutions Brochure

    Mitchell Rail Gear Solutions brochure that describes basic product line.

  • 4-Ton Backhoe Winch

    4-Ton Backhoe Loader Hoist. Quick hitch mount and operates off backhoe Loader option valve.

  • Hydraulic Drive Rail Gear

    Hydraulic Drive Rail Gear for construction equipment and heavy trucks. Optional Railcar Mover attachments consists of railcar couplers and train air brake systems.

  • 1515 Rail Gear for Toyota 4-Runner

    1515 Rail Gear for Toyota 4-Runner with 4-wheel independent suspension.

  • Skid

    Skid Steer Rail Gear Attachment. Rail Gear Fits with full use of Skid Steer quick Coupler attachments.