• Rail Threaders

    All Model Rail Threader Attachments. Used to lay railroad rail.

  • Solutions Brochure

    Mitchell Rail Gear Solutions brochure that describes basic product line.

  • 4-Ton

    4-Ton Backhoe Loader Hoist. Quick hitch mount and operates off backhoe Loader option valve.

  • Hydra-Guide Rail Gear

    Hydra-Guide Rail Gear for construction equipment and heavy trucks. Optional Railcar Mover attachments consists of railcar couplers and train air brake systems.

  • Mobile Rail Trucks - Rail Gear

    Mitchell Rail Gear Mobile Rail Truck assemblies quick attached to a crane that is equipped with a Mobile Rail Gear docking system front and rear that support the weight of the crane. Each Mobile Rail Truck Assembly can freely swivel similar to standard railcar truck assembly that fit under any standard railcars so the truck assemblies swivel through smaller radius railroad curves. The Mobile Rail Truck swivel will be locked-out for loading/unloading purposes, otherwise on track it will function similar to standard railroad trucks. The Mobile Rail Trucks plug directly into the crane hydraulic system to self-propel on rail at 15 mph.

  • Skid

    Skid Steer Rail Gear Attachment. Rail Gear Fits with full use of Skid Steer quick Coupler attachments.

  • Grove

    Grove RT-530E-2 Friction Drive Hi-Rail Gear and Crane Attachments