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Rail Gear and Attachments for Safety and Maintenance

Since 1978 Mitchell Equipment Corporation D/B/A Mitchell Rail Gear has been providing Rail Gear solutions to the railroad industry for safety and Maintenance. Mitchell’s wide range of Rail Gear systems helps keeps workers safe by using Mitchell’s attachment systems and work tools to keep railroad workers out of harm’s way. 

Rail Gear for Trucks – Safety and Maintenance

Mitchell Rail Gear for trucks provides safe solutions for Rail Gear truck operators by manufacturing our systems with replaceable wear parts to keep the trucks in good operation with very little downtime. Rail Gear truck operators must get the work trucks on/off rail to get to the job site on rail. Truck operators can safely stay out of harm’s way while the rail wheels are raised and lowered, either in the truck cab or away from the truck using Mitchell’s remote Rail Gear Control.

Attachments – Safety and Maintenance Mitchell Rail Gear offers support attachment to help you get the job done more efficiently. With our top of the line railroad attachments, you can maximize machine utilization and return on your investment by using your machine as a multi-purpose machine. As an example; the Mitchell Tie Switcher is a rubber tired excavator that can be equipped with a series of attachments to utilize the machine as a multi-purpose railroad spot maintenance machine by adding Guide Wheels, Tie Head, Out & Down Outriggers, Tamper, Ballast Regulator, Tool Circuit, Brush Cutter, Hand Held Tools, Front Loader Attachment, Excavator Buckets, Rail Threaders, Front End Loader Buckets, and Magnet System. Mitchell also offers Rotary Dump bed attachment for dump trucks, so the dump truck bed can be rotated to dump materials off the side of the railroad track. All these systems are designed to keep railroad workers out of harm’s way by letting work tools replace manual labor operations when possible.

Rail Gear for Construction Equipment – Safety and Maintenance

Mitchell offers Rail Gear and Attachment Systems for construction equipment that allows the construction equipment to maintain the track by laying rail, moving railcars, changing railroad ties, cleaning track and handling railroad materials on a daily basis. Our Rail Gear and Attachment Systems for construction equipment are designed to fit each manufacturer’s construction equipment machines, such as Wheel Loaders, Cranes, Backhoes, Skidders and Excavators. Once the Mitchell Rail Gear system is installed, the machines can be used for multiple purposes on and off the railroad track. Rail Maintenance is highly efficient and cost effective when one machine can be used to perform multiple tasks that can be done by keeping railroad works out of harm’s way safely from the cab of a piece of construction equipment.