RT Crane On Tires Railcar Mover

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RT Crane On-Tires Dual-Purpose Railcar Mover

Mitchell mobile railcar mover system for RT Cranes consists of front and rear railcar couplers and train air brake systems. This dual-purpose configuration is ideal for railroad car shops used for both crane lifting operations and railcar moving. The crane functions like locomotive to move railcars on the machine tires. The crane on board train air brake system with the Mitchell Train Brake system is controlled by a cab installed stepped brake controller that progressively slows the train.

Time is money: The time to line the coupler up with the railcar can be reduced by installing Mitchell’s Power Slide Coupler that lines the RT Crane railcar coupler up from the cab of the crane. With the Power Slide Coupler, all that is required of the crane operator is get the coupler close to alignment, then the operator can power it over to align it perfectly with the coupler on the railcar.

Safety: To keep the ground person out of harm’s way, the RT Crane Railcar mover can be equipped with the optional power swivel feature that allows the operator to swivel the railcar knuckle to align with the railcar knuckle for quick coupling. Once the crane and railcar coupler are coupled then the ground person can safely hook up the train air brake hose and the operator can begin the operation of releasing the railcar brakes that takes seconds via our 60 cfm on board hydraulic driven air compressor.