RT Crane Friction Drive HI-Rail

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Introducing the "Friction Drive Hi-Rail" system for RT Cranes by Mitchell Rail Gear, a transformative solution that seamlessly converts a standard RT Crane into a fully functional Railroad Crane. This innovative system empowers our customers to utilize their cranes for both lifting operations and railway tasks, offering an exceptional return on investment and optimal equipment utilization.

The key feature of our system is the retractable Friction Drive Hi-Rail Gear, expertly attached to the crane's frame. This integration allows RT Cranes to maintain their regular lifting capabilities while also operating as efficient on-rail mobile railroad cranes. To ensure precision and compatibility, each system is custom-engineered to suit the unique frame specifications of every RT Crane model.

Our engineering process ensures that these dual-purpose Railroad Cranes deliver peak performance both on the ground as a lifting RT Crane and on rails as a mobile railroad crane. The heart of the system lies in the rail wheels, which are equipped with a friction drive hub that engages seamlessly with the tires. As the tires rotate, the drive hub propels the rail wheels, all while relying on the reliability of the existing road axle drive line system and braking system for propulsion and braking.

Safety and precision are paramount when operating on rails. To guarantee alignment and stability, the axles are hydraulically locked, ensuring that the crane will travel on rail straight.

With the "Friction Drive Hi-Rail" system, you not only unlock the potential of your RT Crane for railroad tasks but also secure a high return on investment and enhanced equipment efficiency. Experience the seamless transition between lifting and rail operations with Mitchell Rail Gear's advanced technology.