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Ballast Regulator Broom Attachment

The Mitchell Ballast Regulator Broom attachment handles spot ballast regulating needs and effectively reduces track maintenance cost. Labor intensive tasks such as shoveling and hand sweeping of the track after tamping is total eliminated with the Ballast Regulator attachment.

The Mitchell Ballast Regulator Broom attachment is designed to fit loader backhoes and excavators. The Ballast Regulator Broom attachment is capable of regulating ballast on top and along the slope of the track as it is able to pivot side to side like a rotating bucket.

The Ballast Regulator can be manufactured to fit a quick coupler so the attachments can be attached and removed in seconds. The Ballast Regulator attachment has removable rubber cords (Same as full time production units) that is replaceable.


Hydraulic requirements

1. Hydraulic hammer circuit that will be used for the vibrator:

    15.0 GPM at 2000 PSI

2. Pivot right and left (Pivot Type Only)

   5 GPM