Backhoe Tie Switcher Systems

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Introducing the Mitchell Backhoe Tie Switcher System: Elevating Railroad Tie Maintenance

Experience unmatched efficiency and reliability in railroad tie maintenance with the Mitchell Backhoe Tie Switcher System. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with all brands of Backhoe Loaders, this system sets a new standard for tie replacement, ensuring uninterrupted train operations while minimizing costly shutdowns.

At the core of our system are specialized coupler attachments that work harmoniously with the Mitchell Hi-Rail Gear system. This innovative setup includes a front hi-rail assembly securely bolting to the front frame, complemented by a rear hi-rail assembly featuring rail clamps and parallel linkage out & down outriggers—replacing standard stabilizers with precision and ease.

Central to the Mitchell Backhoe Tie Switcher System is an intuitive Hi-Rail system equipped with built-in suspension, effortlessly compensating for uneven tracks. Operators of all skill levels can seamlessly transition on and off the track by simply raising or lowering the hi-rail wheels. Unlike traditional methods, our system offers swift and efficient track access without sacrificing stability, preventing machine derailments and enhancing overall safety.

A standout feature of our system is the robotic-style Tie Head/Scarifier Blade attachment, boasting 360-degree rotation capability for optimal tie replacement efficiency. Mimicking human dexterity, this attachment handles all tie-related tasks with ease, eliminating the need for additional machinery or ground personnel. From tie insertion to tie plate handling, every operation is streamlined for maximum productivity.

Unlike conventional methods that may be slow or potentially damaging to ties, the Mitchell Backhoe Tie Switcher System ensures swift and precise tie replacement with minimal downtime. With our hydraulic tamper, ties are secured in place efficiently, minimizing disruption to train operations.

Our system's versatility extends to hydraulic tool circuits, allowing for seamless integration of spike pullers and drivers, further streamlining tie replacement operations. The Ballast Regulator Attachment ensures proper ballast distribution for track stability and drainage, enhancing overall safety.

With the Mitchell Backhoe Tie Switcher System, every move counts, optimizing productivity and ensuring substantial cost savings in railroad tie maintenance operations. Keep trains running smoothly and confidently with Mitchell's efficient, reliable system.