Backhoe Hydraulic Rail Gear - Wing Down Stabalizers

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Introducing Mitchell’s Backhoe Loader Rail Gear with Wing-Down Stabilizers: Elevating Rail Maintenance Efficiency

Mitchell's Rail Gear system redefines rail maintenance with innovative features designed for seamless operation. The core system includes front and rear hydraulic-operated guide wheel attachments, ensuring precise navigation on rail tracks.

To accommodate the front hi-rail, the standard front counterweight is replaced with a specially crafted Mitchell Front counterweight. This modification allows for optimal space utilization and ensures stability during rail travel. Equipped with rubber springs, the front hi-rail maintains the front axle level, providing smooth traversal over obstacles. In the event of an obstruction, the axle automatically adjusts, guaranteeing uninterrupted movement.

Operational convenience is paramount, which is why the raising and lowering of the guide wheels can be effortlessly controlled from the cab, enhancing operator efficiency and safety. Additionally, the rear rail gear features spring suspension, compensating for uneven track surfaces. Moreover, the front hi-rail incorporates a built-in pivot mechanism to accommodate variations in track conditions, further enhancing stability and performance.

With the original stabilizers reattached, the system seamlessly transitions between on-rail and off-rail applications. Whether transporting the machine or performing backhoe work, Mitchell's Rail Gear ensures optimal performance and versatility. However, in tie replacement scenarios, the original stabilizers may fall short, as they lack the capability to lift the track vertically, risking rail alignment issues.

Enter Mitchell's Out & Down Stabilizers: specifically designed to address the challenges of tie replacements. These stabilizers boast the ability to lift the track vertically, facilitating efficient tie replacement operations without compromising rail alignment. Unlike traditional stabilizers, Mitchell's Out & Down Stabilizers offer unparalleled precision and stability, ensuring optimal performance in critical rail maintenance tasks.

Experience travel on rail with Mitchell's Backhoe Loader Rail Gear with Wing-Down Stabilizers—where innovation meets efficiency for unmatched performance on the tracks.