Backhoe Tie Head/Scarifer Attachment

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Introducing Mitchell’s Revolutionary Robotic Style 360° Rotating Tie Head/Scarifier Blade: Redefining Railroad Tie Replacement

Mitchell’s Tie Head sets a new standard in railroad tie replacement, combining advanced tie manipulation with innovative design for unparalleled efficiency. This cutting-edge device seamlessly integrates a rotating railroad tie head with an integral scarifier blade, revolutionizing the tie replacement process.

With the ability to rotate 360°, the Tie Head can grab railroad ties from any posiyion, simplifying extraction, insertion, and placement tasks. The Scarifier Blade complements this functionality by efficiently backdragging the ballast away from the tie end, facilitating easy tie extraction, and then backfilling the tie end once a new tie is inserted.

Thanks to its streamlined design and seamless integration with Mitchell’s Rail Gear, Parallel Linkage Out & Down Outriggers, and Rail Clamps, the entire tie replacement process takes less than 2 minutes per tie. This unparalleled speed and efficiency drastically reduce downtime and enhance overall productivity.

Attaching the Tie Head to the machine's quick coupler is quick and straightforward, seamlessly plugging into the machine’s hydraulics. The machine's controls can be configured for optimal control over the opening/closing of the Tie Head jaws and rotation, ensuring precise operation every time.

Mitchell offers a variety of Tie Head jaws to accommodate different tie materials, including wood or concrete ties, and jaws for rail pick-up, providing versatility to suit various rail maintenance needs.

Experience the future of railroad tie replacement with Mitchell’s Robotic Style 360° Rotating Tie Head/Scarifier Blade—where innovation meets efficiency to transform rail maintenance operations.