Cat M318 (18 Ton) Wheeled Excavator Friction Drive

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Introducing the Friction Drive H-Rail for Caterpillar Wheeled Excavators

Unlocking new capabilities for Caterpillar M318F and other compatible wheeled excavators, our revolutionary Friction Drive H-Rail system transforms these machines into versatile rail track workers. Seamlessly self-propelling on railroad tracks, our solution ensures stability and reliability, even in demanding environments.

Central to our system is the retractable Friction Drive H-Rail Gear, ingeniously integrated into the excavator's frame. Engineered with precision, our rail wheels feature an advanced friction drive hub that seamlessly engages with the tires, effortlessly translating tire rotation into smooth rail wheel movement. Renowned for its unmatched reliability, our mechanical friction drive system utilizes the road axle drive line and braking system, maximizing propulsion and braking efficiency. Additionally, to enhance stability on rail tracks, the machine can be equipped with stabilizer leg extensions reaching 17 inches below ground level. While operating on railroad tracks, the steer axle is locked straight, ensuring precise control.

But our system offers more than just rail track capabilities. With the addition of a TiltRotator on the boom, the Cat excavator transforms into a multi-purpose on/off track machine. From handling buckets to operating magnets, brush cutters, grapples, tampers, tie heads, ballast regulators, and undercutters, the possibilities are endless, catering to a wide range of applications with unmatched efficiency and versatility.

Experience the next level of performance and adaptability with the Friction Drive H-Rail system, where innovation meets reliability for unparalleled productivity on and off the rails.

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