1515 Flexiride Rail Gear

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Introducing the Mitchell 1515 FlexiRide® Rail Gear for Class 2-3 Trucks

What sets Mitchell Rail Gear apart from other manufacturers? It's simple: completeness. While other rail gear suppliers often leave gaps, requiring additional handcrafted components from installers that are not easily replaced, Mitchell provides a comprehensive solution. Our system is 100% complete, from major components down to the smallest nuts and bolts.

Experience the height of rail gear technology with Mitchell's revolutionary 1515 FlexiRide® Rail Gear, engineered to excel on both rail tracks and highways. Our system introduces groundbreaking features to ensure unmatched adaptability and ease of use.

FlexiRide® Suspension: At the core of Mitchell's Rail Gear is our state-of-the-art 4-wheel independent FlexiRide® suspension. This adaptive system automatically adjusts to handle uneven track conditions, delivering a smooth ride on railroad tracks.

Secure Attachment: Mitchell's Rail Gear securely attaches to a specially designed mounting kit that seamlessly integrates with the truck frame. Our patented Rail Gear mounting system offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing effortless adjustments in both vertical and horizontal dimensions for precise alignment and loading.

Composite Rail Wheels (optional): A standout feature of our 1515 FlexiRide® Rail Gear is our noise-reducing composite rail wheels, comprising three key components:

  1. Hardened Steel Forging Outer: Ensures exceptional strength and wear resistance when interacting with steel railroad rails, guaranteeing durability.
  2. High-Strength Aluminum Inner Layer: Crafted from high-strength aluminum, it reduces weight and regulates wheel-bearing temperatures.
  3. Polyurethane Compound: Acts as an insulating barrier, significantly reducing noise compared to traditional steel rail wheels on steel railroad rails.

Road Rail Wheels: Mitchell's exclusive engineered Road Rail truck wheels enable truck tires to drive on the rail for propulsion and braking while maintaining a factory-quality ride off the rail. Independently tested and certified to meet federal highway safety standards, our wheels accommodate a 305 mm wide tire, ensuring on-road stability equal to factory truck stability.

Streamlined Installation: While installing Class 2 and 3 truck Rail Gear can be labor-intensive and complex, Mitchell's 1515 FlexiRide® Rail Gear simplifies the process with these key advantages:

  • Optimal Approach and Departure Angles: Rail wheels pivot for ideal off-road performance.
  • Hydraulic Locking: Secure Rail Gear in the up/down positions with a handheld remote.
  • Accessory Mounting System: Our innovative system houses hydraulic and electrical components with pre-engineered hose kits and wiring harnesses for easy plug-and-play installation.

Rail Shunts for Safety: Our optional cartridge-style Rail Shunts seamlessly integrate with Mitchell Rail Gear systems, activating or deactivating track signals via a switch on the front Rail Gear. When active, Rail Shunts establish a direct connection between the rail wheels, triggering crossing lights and gates at crossings.

Mitchell's 1515 FlexiRide® Rail Gear leads the way in rail solutions, enhancing performance, prioritizing ease of use and serviceability, ensuring safety, and delivering a complete Rail Gear solution. Experience the future of rail gear technology with Mitchell.