Flexiride 3333 for Class 4 and 5 Trucks

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3333 Flexiride Rail Gear  

The Rail Gear adapts to trucks for the purpose of traveling on the highway or railway. The Rail Gear is hydraulically raised and lowered by a single high flow hydraulic pump with hand pump that is generally installed on the truck frame about in the middle of the truck (Installers choice). In cab control panel comes standard but optional outside push button controls can be ordered. The Rail Gear utilizes Mitchell’s 4-Wheel Independent Flexiride® Suspension system that does not require adjustment for varying payloads up to the maximum gross vehicle weight of the truck. The Rail Gear comes standard with precision-machined forged 10-inch diameter rail wheels. The rail Gear kits comes complete with mounting brackets, built-in de-rail skids, and steering wheel lock. The Installer provides replacement tires.

Rail Gear Component Weights

Rail gear unit weight each end: 425 lbs.

Typical Mounting bracket kit each end: 100 lbs.

Single Power Unit: 50 lbs.

Rail Shunts (Option)

Mitchell Rail Gear Cartridge style Rail Shunts adapt to all Mitchell Rail Gear systems for the purpose of either allowing track signals to be set off or not. The rail shunts can be controlled by a switch in the cab. When the rail shut system is in the on position there is a direct connection between the rail wheels left to right that allows a direct circuit between the right side and left side rail. When the Rail Gear vehicle gets close to the crossing the crossing circuit will be triggered and the crossing lights will go on and the gate will go down. The Cartridge Style Rail Shunt assembly is directly attached to the rail wheel axles so the shunts move with the rail wheel. The Shunt mechanism has a spring loaded cartridge that makes direct contact against each rail wheel. Composite rail wheels are required when ordering rail shunts.

Outside Push Button Controls (Option)

Raise or Lower the Rail Gear from each end of the vehicle.