3535 Torsion Ride Rail Gear

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Model 3535 Rail Gear


Model 3535 Rail Gear fits trucks up to 26,000 GVW. The Rail Gear adapts to trucks for the purpose of traveling on the highway or railway.


The Rail Gear is hydraulically raised and lowered by a single high flow self contained hydraulic pump with optional emergency hand pump that is activated by either cab controlled electric switch, push a push button control located on each end of the vehicle or both.


The Rail Gear is designed to minimize the rail gear from extending beyond the standard front and eliminate the rail gear extending beyond the rear bumper when installed on most trucks. The Rail Gear utilizes Mitchell’s 4-Wheel Independent Torsion Rail Suspension Technology that allows the Rail Gear to fit in a compact envelope not possible with other Rail Gear suspension systems. The suspension does not require adjustment for varying payloads up to the maximum gross vehicle weight of the truck.


The Rail Gear has standard safety features not found on most rail gear such as the automatic locking mechanism that securely locks the rail gear in the raised and lower position, automatic retractable rail sweeps that are spring loaded in the on track position.


The Rail Gear comes standard with precision-machined forged rail wheels.


The front and rear Rail Gear units are identical modular units. The rail Gear kits comes complete with mounting brackets, built-in de-rail skids and steering wheel lock.


Optional Mitchell Rail Gear Disc Brakes


Mitchell Rail Gear can be provided with rail wheel disc brakes. The disc brakes are recommended for all front rail gear where the rail wheels are elevated above the track and for optionally for rear rail wheels when customers want to reduce stopping distance on rail. Mitchell’s Electronic Brake Control for Rail Gear disc brakes applies the rail brakes electronically as soon as the brake pedal is engaged. Since our brake controller has no moving parts or pendulums to adjust, they can be mounted in virtually any position and require no leveling - ever. The slim, compact design and contoured shape are combined to provide more under-dash clearance than any other brake control. A conventional four wire hook-up is illustrated in easy-to-follow instructions. Mounting bracket and hardware is included.

The amount of braking power (output) and rate of application (sync) are both adjustable for the individual driver\'s preference, rail conditions load. The driver can control the amount and rate of braking from soft to aggressive and the brakes can be manually applied. For ease of adjustment, an output control is located on the front of the brake control. The brake controller has a thumb wheel adjustment and its output indicator is a digital display, which shows the output when the brakes are applied. The sync control is a slide adjustment located on the side of all the brake controls. The brake controller output indicator will digitally display the sync setting. In case of an overload, caused by either a short of low power, the brake controller will display an overload warning.


Optional Rail Shunts


Mitchell Rail Gear Cartridge style Rail Shunts adapt to all Mitchell Rail Gear systems for the purpose of either allowing track signals to be set off or not. The rail shunts are controlled by a switch in the cab. When the rail shut system is in the on position there is a direct connection between the rail wheels left to right that allows a direct circuit between the right side and left side rail. When the hy-rail vehicle gets close to the crossing the crossing circuit will be triggered and the crossing lights will go on and the gate will go down. The Cartridge Style Rail Shunt assembly is directly attached to the rail wheel axles so the shunts move with the rail wheel. The Shunt mechanism has a spring loaded cartridge that makes direct contact against each rail wheel. The optional insulation feature is required when ordering rail shunts.


Optional Insulation


Each rail wheel can be equipped with optional insulation. The insulation will prevent track signals from being activated.


Rail Gear Weights


Front Rail Gear

660 lbs

Rear Rail Gear

660 lbs

Mounting Kit (each end)

85 lbs

Power Unit w/ Mounting

142 lbs

Front Rail Brakes

15 lbs

Rear Rail Gear

10 lbs

Packaged Shipping weight

1850 lbs