3333 Under Cab Rail Gear

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Introducing the Mitchell Next Generation 3333 FlexiRide® Under Cab Rail Gear for Class 4-5 Trucks


Experience the future of rail gear technology with Mitchell's innovative 3333 FlexiRide® Under Cab Rail Gear, designed to excel both on railroad tracks and the highway. Our system offers a range of groundbreaking features to ensure unmatched adaptability and user-friendliness.


FlexiRide® Suspension:  At the heart of Mitchell's Rail Gear is our advanced independent FlexiRide® suspension incorporated in the rear Rail Gear of the truck. This adaptive system automatically adjusts to manage uneven track conditions, providing a smooth ride on railroad tracks. The under-cab Rail Gear unit positioned behind the front tires to shorten up the Rail Gear wheel base for 82ft curve trackways. The under-cab rail gear unit incorporates a center pivot with hydraulic suspension to self-compensate for uneven railroad tracks.  

Mitchell Hydraulic Cobra Rail Brake Technology: Our cutting-edge Front Rail Wheels come equipped with Hydraulic Cobra Brakes, designed to seamlessly integrate with the truck's foot brake system. These brakes offer precise control, allowing you to slow down the truck independently of the rear brakes, eliminating the risk of rail wheel flat spots.

Customization is at your fingertips, with the ability to adjust both the braking power (output) and application rate (sync) to suit your preferences and accommodate varying rail conditions and loads. Whether you prefer a gentle deceleration or a more aggressive stop, our brakes can be finely tuned to your liking. Additionally, manual application is an option for ultimate control.

Convenience meets functionality with an easily accessible output control on the front of the brake controller, featuring a user-friendly thumb wheel adjustment. A digital display on the brake controller provides real-time feedback on the output when brakes are engaged. Meanwhile, the sync control, located on the side of all brake controls, offers seamless synchronization, with the digital display indicating the current sync setting.

Safety is paramount, and our brake controller is equipped to handle overloads, issuing a warning in cases of short circuits or low power. Your peace of mind is our priority.

For those seeking even greater control, Rear rail brakes are available as an optional feature. Elevate your rail braking experience with Hydraulic Cobra Rail Brakes.

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Streamlined Installation: Installing Class 4 and 5 truck Rail Gear is traditionally labor-intensive and complex. However, Mitchell's 3333 Flexiride® Rail Gear simplifies the process with these key advantages:


Optimal Approach and Departure Angles: Engineered to position Rail wheels for ideal off-road performance.


Hydraulic Locking: Use a handheld remote to secure Rail Gear in the up/down positions including a backup remote.


Accessory Mounting System: Our innovative system houses hydraulic and electrical components with pre-engineered hose kits and wiring harnesses for easy plug-and-play installation.


Rail Shunts for Safety: Our optional cartridge-style Rail Shunts seamlessly integrate with Mitchell Rail Gear systems. Controlled via a switch on the front Rail Gear, they activate or deactivate track signals. When active, Rail Shunts establish a direct connection between the rail wheels, triggering crossing lights and gates at crossings.


User-Friendly Installation: Mitchell provides a complete kit for straightforward installation by any mechanic, eliminating the need for customization, reducing labor requirements, and offering substantial cost savings.


Mitchell's 3333 FlexiRide® Rail Gear represents the forefront in rail solutions, enhancing performance, prioritizing ease of use, ensuring safety, and delivering significant cost savings. Experience the future of rail gear technology with Mitchell.