5050 Universal Rail Gear

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Model 5050 Universal Rail Gear fits trucks up to 33,000 GVW.

The Rail Gear adapts to trucks for the purpose of traveling on the highway or railway. The vehicle rear tires propel on the railhead and the rail wheels guide the vehicle on track. The front Spring Ride Rail Gear integrates with the truck springs. The Rail Gear is attached to the front springs. The rear Pivot Ride Rail Gear fits in a tight envelope and will both pivot on rail and articulate 5 inches per side with self-centering ability for easy rail access. The on rail pivot feature allows for uneven track conditions and will always maintain wheel load. Ordinary rail gear does not have the pivot feature.

The rail Gear kits comes complete with mounting brackets, built-in de-rail skids, Cobra Rail Brakes and steering wheel lock.

Weights:  Front with brakes, rail sweeps and mounting kit: 1100 lbs.  Rear with brakes, rail sweeps and mounting kit: 875 lbs.  


Cartridge Style Rail Shunts

Insulated Rail Wheels

Cobra Brakes

Disc Brakes

Remote Pin Locks

Air operated Pin Locks

Rear Hydraulic Suspension

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