Friction Drive Hi-Rail Gear - Volvo Wheel Loaders

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Friction Drive Hi-Rail Gear

Volvo Wheel Loader

With the addition of Friction Drive Hi-Rail Gear the wheel loader can self propel on rail up to 20 MPH. The system includes high ply tires and Rims. The installation includes an alarm system to alert the operator if the friction drive hub is not in proper contact with the tire to develop adequate traction or braking. The rail wheels are all hardened forged steel. The drive hubs are cast steel that are designed to to prematurely wear or cut the tire. Each system is designed to fit each model loader to provide best ground clearance and approach/departure angles so the loader performance is not compromised when operating on the ground.

Railcar Moving Options

Train Air Brakes

Rear Weight Transfer Coupler

Front Weight Transfer Coupler

Foam Fill tires

Train Horn

Train Bell

Insulated Rail Wheels

Railroad Lighting

Reversing Back-up Alarm