Rotary Swing Dump - 180 Degree Swing Dump Body

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The Mitchell 180 SwingDump is a 10/12 cu.Yd dump truck body mounted sub frame that swings 180 degrees through a heavy duty excavator style swing bearing. The swing system is the same proven swing system that Mitchell has used for the last 20 years on our Swing Loader. The Swing Loader swing system requires a very rugged swing system because of all the external loads it sees during rail laying. The dump truck body we use is manufactured by a major dump body manufacturer with equal experience to Mitchell. By combining to great products, the result is an unbeatable value to the customer.

 The Mitchell 180 SwingDump assembly bolts to the truck chassis frame. The unit is designed for trucks with a tandem rear with walking beam suspension. The minimum cab-to-tandem of 87" is required with an exhaust system that allows the Swing Dump to clear the cab during rotation.

An optional spreader apron and mechanical or hydraulic rail-clamps are available at extra cost. Truck frame mounted rail-clamps are recommended when operating the Mitchell 180 SwingDump on rail with Mitchell 75 series Rail Gear. The rail-clamps only take up one foot of clear frame in front of the rear tires. Battery boxes and/or fuel tanks may need relocation.

The Mitchell 180 SwingDump require a 17-20 gpm / 2,000 psi system, a 30 gallon tank and filter.

The SwingDump system is designed to be used in conjunction with Mitchell 75 Series Rail Gear.