1010 WT Rail Gear - JLG E400

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Introducing Mitchell's Model 1010WTC FlexiRide® Rail Gear for JLG Series 400 Electric Boom Lifts—a leap forward in rail gear innovation. Engineered to excel on both railroad tracks and the ground, our system embodies cutting-edge features for unparalleled adaptability and user convenience.

Central to Mitchell's Rail Gear is our state-of-the-art 4-wheel independent FlexiRide® suspension. This dynamic system automatically adapts to uneven track conditions, ensuring a smooth and stable ride along railway lines.

Our Rail Gear seamlessly attaches to a specially designed mounting kit, intricately integrated with the machine frame. Featuring our patented Rail Gear mounting system, it offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing simple adjustments in both vertical and horizontal dimensions for precise alignment and optimal loading.

Operated by a single high-flow hydraulic pump with a hand pump installed on the machine frame, our Rail Gear hydraulically raises and lowers with ease. Utilizing Mitchell’s 4-Wheel Independent FlexiRide® Suspension, it maintains stability without the need for constant adjustment, accommodating varying payloads up to the maximum gross vehicle weight of the truck. The Rail Gear comes equipped with precision-machined forged 10-inch diameter rail wheels for enhanced durability.

Both front and rear Rail Gear units are identical modular units, ensuring consistency and ease of maintenance. The installed system includes Mounting Brackets, built-in De-Rail Skids, Wheel Spacers, Rail Clamps, Ground Straps, and 4-Corner Brake Lights, providing a comprehensive solution for rail operation.

Mitchell's 1515 FlexiRide® Rail Gear sets the benchmark in rail solutions, enhancing performance, prioritizing user-friendliness, ensuring safety, and delivering significant cost savings. Step into the future of rail gear technology with Mitchell.