Swing Loader 20K Lift Capacity

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Introducing the Mitchell 180° Swing Loader System

Mitchell takes pride in presenting our state-of-the-art 180° Swing Loader System—a groundbreaking fusion of Mitchell's Friction Drive Hi-Rail Gear and a robust 180° parallel lift Swing Loader. This adaptable system seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of loaders, from smaller options such as the Cat 930 series to larger wheel loaders like the Cat 962 series. Equipped with a powerful swing boom boasting an impressive 20,000 lbs. lift capacity, it handles substantial buckets and heavy attachments with ease.

What truly distinguishes our system is its capacity to adapt to the size of the base wheel loader. Larger loaders inherently provide superior stability when executing rail-side lifts. Furthermore, our system incorporates Mitchell's advanced Friction Drive Hi-Rail technology, allowing self-propulsion on rail tracks.

However, the Mitchell Swing Loader offers more than just versatility. It stands out with its unique ability to function as a standard wheel loader, complete with lift arm and bucket geometry. Unlike conventional swing boom designs, ours includes features like return-to-dig functionality boom stops during lowering and an auto bucket level that ensures the bucket remains level during dumping or carrying operations. Our swing loader boom also features a quick coupler, enabling rapid attachment changes in mere seconds. While other specialty-built Swing machines have their merits, railroads predominantly rely on standard wheel loaders within the same lift capacity class as our swing loader for on-the-ground material handling. By seamlessly integrating our Swing Loader system into one of Caterpillar's wheel loaders, we offer the best of both worlds in a single package—enhanced performance combined with compatibility with Caterpillar's global parts and service network.

At the heart of our system lies the retractable Friction Drive Hi-Rail Gear, expertly integrated into the loader's frame. The rail wheels feature an advanced friction drive hub that engages with the tires, translating tire rotation into seamless rail wheel movement. This mechanical friction drive system is renowned for its unparalleled reliability, utilizing the road axle drive line system and braking system for optimal propulsion and braking efficiency. When on the railroad track, the articulated frame is hydraulically locked, ensuring precise alignment between the front and rear rail wheels.

While the initial cost of a Friction Drive Hi-Rail Swing Loader may exceed that of a specialty-built swing machine, the overall cost of ownership is significantly lower. Caterpillar-based machines surpass the life expectancy of specialty-built swing machines many times over. Specialty-built swing machines often rely on components that become discontinued within a few years, resulting in costly retro-fitting or even complete machine scrapping. In contrast, Caterpillar components are known for their longevity, reducing the total cost of ownership.

In conclusion, choose the Mitchell 180° Swing Loader System for a versatile, high-performance solution that caters to your rail-related needs. Benefit from the reliability and extensive support network of Caterpillar's machinery while elevating your material handling capabilities with Mitchell's superior technology and ingenuity.